Stephen Curry: Role Models In Sports

Welcome back to Christian Sports Insider! I hope you all are having a great Father’s Day weekend! A recent topic of conversation in the world of sports is the twenty-five thousand dollar fine that Stephen Curry has received in the aftermath of his ejection from game six of the NBA Finals ( Curry earned an automatic ejection after arguing a foul call with the referees and tossing his mouthpiece into the stands ( The mouthpiece ended up hitting the son of one of the Cavaliers owners, and Curry did apologize ( While the amount fined may be a subject of argumentation, I think it can be agreed upon that Curry should have handled the situation differently. I also believe that this incident can serve as an important reminder for Christians. Today’s world is one that places a heavy focus on people with athletic ability, sometimes even placing them on a god-like pedestal. However, the Bible clearly states that all human beings are sinful ( This even includes sports superstars. Ultimately, if we make these athletes our role models, we will always be disappointed. Even Curry, a self-professed Christian who clearly tries to set a quality example, will still make mistakes ( So, even though the world may be encouraging us to look up to a popular sports figure or music artist, we should always strive to be more like Christ. Trust me, with Him as your role model, you will never be disappointed! What are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know!

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