Are The Connecticut Women Ruining Women’s College Basketball?

Welcome back to Christian Sports Insider! I apologize for my extended absence. There is nothing quite like preparing for the SAT and ACT! While I was away, the Connecticut women captured their fourth national championship in four years ( This has led some people to question whether this streak of dominance will continue, and ruin the competitiveness of ¬†women’s college basketball. However, I would argue that the way in which this team has “raised the bar” of competition will prove beneficial for the sport in the long-term. If you look through sports history, you can see evidence for this notion. For example, Roger Federer has exerted his dominance over the tennis world, spending 302 weeks at the number one ranking ( The same can be said for Tiger Woods. The 14-time major champion spent a record 281 weeks at number one (, These men may have made their sports less interesting to watch for a period of time. However, stars like Jordan Spieth and Novak Djokovic have emerged to infuse golf and tennis with competition and excitement for fans young and old. If it was not for the dominance of Roger Federer and Tiger Woods, these athletes of the next generation might not have had the motivation to train and improve their skills. So, rather than complaining about about the success of the Connecticut women, perhaps the focus should be on the players and coaches who must put in the effort to topple the dynasty that Connecticut has created. This situation reminds me of Isaiah 40:31, which stresses the importance of waiting on the Lord for a replenishing of our strength. Similar to the way that some people are not willing to wait for women’s college basketball to become more competitive, sometimes Christians grow impatient of waiting on God to answer our prayers or give us guidance. In the end, though, if we will just trust in Him, His plan for us will be so much better than anything we could have imagined!

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  1. Interesting parallel. Using an extraneous issue to remind us of Biblical truth to apply daily in life. Thanks for the reminder.

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