Kevin Durant: Knowing When To Move On

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant has had quite a bit to say recently regarding his time as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. First, Durant praised the selfless environment that the Warriors promote. While this is not a direct reference to the Thunder, I think it is clear that Durant is “taking a shot” at his former team. Russell Westbrook interpreted the comment that way as well. Then, Durant felt the the need to let us know that his relationship with Westbrook was not as strong as we once thought. To be honest, it seems that the Warrior’s superstar is hurt over the way things ended in Oklahoma City. I think part of him wanted to continue playing for the Thunder. Christians also deal with relationships that do not end the way the way they would like. Similar to Kevin Durant, we often lash out at that person or group of people in order to make ourselves feel better. As hard as it may be, I believe Christians should make a genuine effort to move on from broken relationships. We should not continue to “hold a grudge” and seek revenge. Rather, we should be a light for Christ and set an example for others with our love and kindness. What are your thoughts? Be sure to let me know!

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